Main source: Robert Meister, Justice is an Option: A Democratic Theory of Finance for the 21st Century, Chicago, Chicago University Press, 2021.

Complementary sources:

Robert Meister, After Evil: A Politics of Human Rights, New York, Columbia University Press, 2012.

Robert Meister, "Liquidity", in Benjamin Lee and Randy Martin, Derivatives and the Wealth of Societies, Chicago, Chicago University Press, 2016. (Part I) (Part II)

Prelude in the form of a film

The Non-Fungible Time that Remains - Cosmo-Financial Report #1

****** Disclaimer: Some of the following excerpts are coming from previous versions of the book. Others have been repackaged for executive summary purposes. Some might even have been hallucinated (although we doubt it). Take the whole thing as an exercise in derivative fabulation, if you will. In all cases: DO NOT QUOTE! ******

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The Meister Thesis (variations)

Finance is a technology to manufacture alternatives to illiquidity; democracy is a technology to manufacture alternatives to revolution. (Democracy paradox interview)